Monday, December 29


MODE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ON

muahhahahahahahahahaa....see u guys in college when i come back...

Monday, December 22

Singapore Trip part 2...=p

Said that there will be a part here it is...since the trip is longer..i am not many parts there will anyway...
This was the aftermath of our first meal in Sg....

Exhibit A..(everything finished)
Exhibit B..(everything salad eaten by andy..)So...anyway...this is the name of signboard of the restaurant...=)...and our only group photo in the whole

Next of...after dinner...we decided to go to clarke quay....some sort of riverside expensive stuffs selling streets + quite pretty at night...

Wai Kheng tricks Andy to look at something...

Wai Kheng...tries to throw Andy into the river..^^

I like this pic..=p...

The 2nd Day...

Best Picture ever....This is how Andy looks like....when he wakes up.. We did nothing to make his hair stand like fun...

First visit in the taking MRT..which so so so so much more convenient then Malaysia's Little India where andy got a haircut...(i dunno why we go so far to cut hair but...) me and wai hyenah...those indian art thingys that is quite pretty...^^V

And..then we headed off to Orchard Road...for breakfast + lunch = brunch...
We ate at Spageddies...(which Andy was talking about in the car on the way to Singapore)
Its in Paragon..the food was ok set lunch..and wasnt that pricey....after that..was shopping spree in orchard...well for me...=p...(sry dragged u guys)

Shop shop shop....jalan jalan jalan....
Dinner time...went to very oddly weird place to have dinner.....Sadly no
"Botak Jones"..a chain restaurant that sells burgers...western foods....with a very interesting menu...
Oh ya... after dinner we went boat quay...neighbour to clarke quay..but is of lower price and not so
The building that has the Fullerton Hotel.... and down here is andy playing scissors, paper, stone, with a stone...
=) And the map of the Marina Bay street circuit of Singapore..... we saw the track up close too...
Which made andy go happily mad...^^
And thus day 2 ends...

Next part...will be...Day 3....the fun more interesting...

Thursday, December 4

End of term...sigh..

Next week is the week 10 of the term, and after that...Finals....weee...thank god only 4
So before term ends, we did some
Went 2 movies in a week......Quarantine and Twilight...
Quarantine managed to scare me...LOL....actually screamed twice....
Twilight was awesome...very since we see it in Summit cinema..with that weird coca-cola, weird, pop corn...and worst of all weird smell in the cinema...lucky it was 6 bucks only though.....

Sometime last week...there was an event organized at college..and we managed to take these pictures...Its korean themed..haha
Group picture..with Aaron, Samantha, Me and Maynard....
Sorry the pictures couldnt be clearer..cause i took the picture from the original copy picture...hehe..but still can see little bit la..=pWell... 2 girls and a guy...oooh..cant see my face..lalalala
I will try to scan them instead next time....and will edit the pictures here ...asap...i think...=p
and...yay....our law assignment got 20...and so did many groups..will upload it to youtube too...i hope i remember....if i do..i will post the link here...

Thursday, November 27

Time sure fly fast...

In a blink of an eye, its already end of term term/next year will be our graduation year/term..which is in April...It amazes me that, we learned so much, yet I feel like I didnt learn anything..guess I am just used to it..?
Sigh..there are some group pictures taken edy...and not sure when I gonna get it though..maybe a few days later..hope I can post it up here if i remember..
Finals are coming..but gladly only 4 subjects...and we finish damn early..on a wednesday, which is the last day of our exams..for DH students..good luck..not sure when u guys going to have exams until though..hehe
Hmm..since theres no pictures..and I feel like playing games...buai....LOL

Saturday, November 22

Squeezing out my lazy juice....

Due date for my assignments is less then 3 days...or 2..i am not so sure..( I am so dead)
My assignments are more or less 60% done..and i can finish them in a short moment if i concentrate...Normally people would feel the tension when they have less then 1 week till due date
but somehow...the tension is not getting to me....I don't know why....maybe....or....perhaps.....
Sigh...I must seriously do it...and blogging now shows that I am not doing it..which is not good...crap
Its a huge dilemma, but if I don't post..I might just jump into another world...even more lazy world... this is making me stress..instead of the due dates.. I am not what I used to be anymore...the finish homework and then play type....
Now its more like...a little longer....just a little longer....trying to push it away...

So..moving on, this is the delayed pictures of my applied arts...
Decided to post it on today...on a sudden verge... Bread Basket

Chocolate ArtButtercream rose
This is called thai....and lup chuk in taylors...LOL

Last but not least....Fruit carving..I used carrot...and apples....

I am supposed to do a report on them..and not well blog about them..but.. I really don't have the concentration to do it..any tips anyone?????????????????????????????????????

p/ andy said..procrastination?? lol..

Thursday, November 20


Guess whats the picture about.....?
This particular day, I went to college, as usual i park at the 50 a month parking lot..where the ground is all uneven and stuffs...but its near, so...oh well...
Then something horibble struck today...It was raining quite heavily almost the whole day, when it slows down, i decided to head home..and when i reached the parking lot..i practically shouted out loud.."OMFG" case u haven't found out wat the picture is about..I shall zoom it a little for u...

so....clear enough??.....sigh...half of my car's tires were submerged in water...dirty water somemore..LOL
and around 3 meters surrounding it, was water...above ankle deep..gosh..
and i was wearing high heels....
So i was paddle into the water and drive off or not..or to...
"Kak..tengok kereta saya" (kak, one of the parking place people)


She paddles into the water and help me drive my car to the dry lands..phew...
So in the end i managed to get into my car and drove home safely...
I salute to the woman who went into the car with her high heels using the water way...

Tuesday, November 18

to push the part 2 of singapore trip even

Today in english class...for once, there weren't any article reading, essay writting
We played a game instead...a continue the next sentence to form a interesting story game...because there were 33 of took some quite time to reach me..and i kinda like...wrote what others say...
This blog post is dedicated for that story...pls dont mind the grammar, i just wrote wat they write..nothing extra nor

"On the eve of christmas, everyone is in the holiday mood. As everyone was waiting to celebrate the real day of xmas, waiting for the clock to hit 12 o'clock. People started to go to churchs and have carolling going on from house to house..Suddenly there was a knock on the door of my house, and a carolling party lead by a fake santa claus and sang a few songs. While enjoying the songs, my dog woke up and bite one of the carollers leg, as i was a responsible person i sent the victim to the hospital.
At the hospital i sent the patient to the doctor, suddenly my phone rang. Not wanting to diturb the patients i went through a door. After finish talking on the phone, i found out that the door was locked. As i tried to vigourously open the door, but to no didnt succeed. Then i tried calling the hotel management..but that failed too. In the end i chose to go up the stairs trying to find a way out. All the exit doors didnt work. In the end i went to the roof. I then realise I have no purpose going up to the roof, I decided to go down. In the end i got out and headed to my friends place.On the way i pass by a newstand and found out santa claus was dead. Then Nathan passed by. We decided to have a coffee at a cafe and saw a beautiful girl, and decided to flirt with her. While doing so the boyfriend come out, so i decided to ask him to gold fish shop. At the shop, I decided tto make peace with the guy then decided to meet back up with nathan, who was taking advantage of the girl. After that, I saw a road kill happening, and a black figure passes by, suddenly the whole town's light came off and the town turned from a christmas mood, cheerful and such to pitch black . As I was walking in the dark, I bumped into something that made me fall, as it turns out to be another person walking blindly in the dark, so we decided to help each other out. As we talked on further, I found out that its already pass xmas and there was a major blackout throughout the whole town due to an unknown collapsing flying ship. I was about to follow the CFS, as I was following, I gripped on to something, it was warm and smooth, actually oily. Suddenly the lights came back. I found out that I was gripping on to a chicken, In front of kenny rogers, a set meal was being sold there..Since the food looked delicious I went into the restaurant and went into the kitchen to interview the chef, before i could talk to chef, the chicken sprung up to live from the oven and said "save me and I will grant u a wish" So i replied..'i hope i could celebrate christmas with my family, but in the end the chicken didnt grant me the wish, and i fought the chicken in front of everyone. Then I was sent to the hospital for mentally disabled and was locked up in a cell and was experimented.
The experiment consists of checking on his fats and his brain and to their suprise, they found many toxicated stuffs in the brain, and also it was the size of a pea. Suddenly he went crazy going more more they injected him with tranquilizer and he fell asleep.
Then he woke up, and found out it was all a dream. Then wai kheng asked Cassie if she had any plan during the weekend, and also to spend the weekend at the beach house, and cassie saw hot guys on the beach, and at night she brought guys to her room for dinner but she was anorexic.
Then suddenly the hot guy turned into a monster and ran towards to scratch her, and then she woke up again. It was a cold day, and it was, aniq's first time to ever wake up so early in his life. He saw that it was christmas eve, so he had to buy presents. When he checked his phone he recieved a message " Hey baby guess wat i am wearing today", he replied i am wearing a elfen miniskirt" .. He then bath and thrashes up to cassies house. In the middle of his travel, he had a burst of ideas. In order to impress cassie he decided to get thin. he went to the shopping mall, and there he saw cassie at the main entrance, as he walks up to the door, she asks who are you?
I am aniq ..No u r santa claus, where is my presents? I am your present..dont u want me.?
then cassies fren suddenly arrived and aniq started to chat with them...........................

then there was an ending but i forgot to write it down..was distracted for awhile..LOL
u can continue it if u like..
but the above is the idea or thinking of 30 over students when they were asks to do spontaneous was ...and i think it will become a great memory some day later...^^

Sunday, November 16

18th at last....

This year, somehow or other..the first time i celebrate my birthday for 3
One day before, on the day itself and the day after...
Somehow a huge coincidence happened....The day before, my dad bought a huge secret recipe cheese cake, and ask me to bring to class tomorrow for others to share..but before that..wish making, song singing thingy happens we packed the cake nicely in a box an all..AND
i forgot to bring to college the next day...=p
So was Friday, and we had kitchen class early in the cook cook..and viola...
Some sort of weird looking lamb roulade with rose herb butter and ravioli..own and andy...hehe
Then while cleaning up/listening to chef frederic's advice.... I had this conversation with Andy..
(from a far)...Mischa : Anyone got lighter..?
Aniq :
Me(facing to andy) : You guys baked me a cake didn't you
Andy : I don't want to friend you already..(walks away)
(walks back) how did u know..?
Me : Lighter....^^V

Then, a few moments later, mischa came out with the cake
sorry for the disorientated looking cake...its just well.."sengeted"

Well..yeah this is the cake...Another cheese cake lol..just lucky that i didnt bring the one i had at home..
cake on the other hand is quite "hot" its gone the moment i sliced it
Chef Frederic who helped in the plan said out of no where " The plan was a success"
LOL...didnt know where that came from..

Another thing that happened was...them forcing me to get into the dirty pond..sigh..
I went in instead of having them to throw me inside..and because i went in myself..i didnt get my hair pictures is with Sam though..haha..

Day 3
Went out to celebrate again with my family...just went to a restaurant and had dinner there...the end...LOL

Thursday, November 13

10 course dinner at Third Floor Restaurant P2

hehehe...second part is here....after....lets c...march,april,may,june....8 months plus
anyway...we shall start with the main course..
we have here the soy glazed cod fish, with wasabi mayonaise,
The fish is awesome and and..well taste worth the money if I had to pay for it..and this piece is quite big we have..something u would never have guessed..eventhough the picture is not cleared...its jeng jeng jeng...
Venison Penis...yes Penis....surrounded with mashed potato and a sauce which i forgot the name or taste..
but the meat is soooooooooooooooooo tender that i couldnt forget its taste..when the manager told me what it was..we didnt believe lol..and just ate..till when we went to the kitchen we only then know it really is penis..well..who cares as long as it tastes

for the main main course..its the wagyu beef cheek at one corner...
and beef tenderloin if i am notmistaken... the cheek was nice...
magnifique..its like, it will melt in your mouth or something...served together with it is red wine shallot sauce..if i remember correctly...dont kill me chef ken..hehe

Thus the main course ends.....and now i present the dessert platter...weeeeeeeeeeee.

This platter consists of, (from top right).. raspberry creme brulee, warm chocolate cake(signature dessert), own made vanilla ice cream, physalis and ichigo..jap imported strawberry..which was quite super sweet...
It was awesome..the meal was great..went home with my stomach all bloated..and enjoyed the atmosphere greatly...weee....
now u can't say i didn't upload my part 2's...
the singapore trip next time maybe...^^

Saturday, November 1

Fun yet CRAPPED up day...^^(ya rite)

Sorry guys...still no part 2..I am too pissed... I particularly wanna talk bout today..
Today happens to be alot alot of friends birthday...and i forgot most of it apparently..but nvm..i still managed to celebrate with one...
Pissed you asked me why??.... Well..its a rather long story...
Once upon a time, there was this girl who took culinary arts...on a particular Friday, she has practical classes in the morning. So happily she went, knowing that I would be having fun after class, with the living birthday present and all...
La di da...
So after practical her friend got the present (hamster)...and everyone had so much fun..playing and all...Then came the after college what to do...decided on going to a French Fair in a mall..So she went..then had a wonderfull japanese dinner laughing all the way...They then headed of to the birthday girls house.. Chatting , chatting and more chatting... Its kinda she decided to head home...and reached home at 12.................................... am.......and guess what??
Her remote control for the automatic gate wasn't working so had to wake her parents to open the gate.. So she called her dad.. so part of the conversation went like this.. "my remote key isn't working help me open the door.", " ok", door opens, door closes.... "Why so late ah, just now you sent sms say on the way back, you need one hour to come back one ah...bla bla bla...
She closes the phone and said nothing..because its partially her fault..
When she enters the house, and headed for the stairs, her mom came and said... Some sort of the same things her dad said plus a higher tone and angrier voice.. again the girl kept quiet... As fighthing back would result to much more deadly scolding so.............................................. comes the fun part ...." You are to come back straight home after class everyday"
" and no more night outing"
Whoopeee....and this is the story on, how a girl get grounded...
Isn't it fun...I guess the next step would be.... smashing my laptop, and then my desktop, and then my handphone.... because theres no need for social life anymore...
I am so going to turn into an emo already..It might be fun....Don't you think...?

And french lecturer...faking it when theres an evalution...whats the point ? when the next class u are gonna return to normal boring classes d...acting all high and mighty as though we are stupid.

ps. hopefully my anger will die down, if not get rdy for a new me. The emo me...on the verge already anyway..just not yet slit my wrists..LOL...kidding..

pps.. posted this right after the scolding...

Sunday, October 12

A tag-ged before any parts 2's...(by eevon)

1. What's the relationship of you and her/him ?
Friend i guess...=p
2. Your 5 impressions towards her/him ?

3. The most memorable things she/he have said to you
Hows ur stewarding job?
4. The most memorable thing she/he had done for you
Made me pasta for my birthday..n wern's too..
5. If she/he became your lover, you will..
I am not will happen ever?
6. If she/he become your enemy, you will..
Throw a shoe at her and make up?..LOL
7. If she/he become your lover, she/he has to improve on..
No idea..since i am a she and she is a her..
8. If she/he become your enemy, the reason is..
Betrayed me badly..well badly is hard to reach though..
9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is ?
Make her stay with one guy for a long long time...
10. The overall impression of him/her is...
A good friendly friend...
11. How do you think the people around you feel about you ?
I am not so sure...none has hint me anything..
Hint me will u ?

12. The character of you for yourself is ?
If i set my mind on something i will get it, or get it done
13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is ?
Thinking too much, unnecessarily..
14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is ?
Happy and loved..LOL
15. For the people who care about you and likes you, say something about them.
Thank u so much for being wif me
eventhough i might be harsh sometimes
and sorry if i did any wrong.

Ten people to tag!!!! Victims!!!!
1. Andy
2. Vincent
3. Maynard
4. Sze Mun
5. Aniq
6. Xi wern
7. Alex
8. Simon
9. Sherryna
10. Alvin
Who is no.2 having a relationship with ?
Dont think he is in a relationship.

No.3 is a male or female ?

If no.7 and no.10 were together, would it be a good thing ?
Uhm..i guess i have to persuade them to be gays first as both has girlfriends
How about no.5 and no.8 ?
Wow..another gay partner..

What is no.1 studying about?
Diploma in Culinary Arts

Is no.4 single ?
I am not so sure..i can't really keep up with her

Say something about no.6 ?
A marvelous friend..

Sunday, September 28

The Trip...

Said I would update after i am back from the trip..and so I would only be bout the trip anyway..First let me give a little before the trip "journey" ...meaning the hardships b4 the trip..with all the planning, money, exchange rates and so on..
It was plan quite some time ago...and with more then enough people wanting to go on the list...but the car could only fit 5 it was supposed to be...and many things happened..etc etc etc..we are only left with 3 that went to the yeah....damn..because less people means more money to pay for the already booked hotel..lalalala....
For the exchange seems if we change in Singapore..we would have saved some money..not alot but some..compared to us changing here..apparently each money changer could set the rate themselves..sigh...
-skip of the trip..all packed and took us bout 4 hours less to reach to the border of Malaysia and Singapore..and then passed the immigration di da...
At the singapore customs..we were supposed to get a thing called the autopas...but we were not exactly told where to get it..wondering really much and..we just drived on..all the way to the hotel...and to find out without a cash card we couldnt enter the after asking someone from the petrol station nearby...they said we could get it at 7-11's, so we went to look for it...the first shop..said "no, no..we dont have" in a very chinese slang way...
second shop...said "try the singapore post office, they should have" (off we went to the post office)
Post office..said "No, we dont have"...tensions were running high as we drove on in search of a next 7-11 just in case..
third shop..said " All the 7-11 in Singapore dont have".
Such and important info eh....wasted like 1 hour plus just trying to get it...
so nvm..went back to the hotel to try to get into the parking .at last they have the cash card..after several attempts by andy to get it from them..we got in the hotel at last and checked in..

And this is how Andy looked like..all tired with ruffed up hair. .LOL...and the small little bed that the 3 of us shared..

Uploading pictures into blogger is a pain....It took so long just to upload 2..sigh..anyway..after checking in..we rested for a while..and at nine we went out to Marina a restaurant call zen..the shindo art...where we had japanese fusion..
We shared a Sashimi starter...

For main courses...I had baked cheese salmon with mashed potato..
Wai Kheng had a mee sua with crab meat...
Andy had tempura fish...

I still dont know how to use hehe the pictures are abit uncoordinated...
anyway..the other part i shall continue later...I promise...^^...

Tuesday, September 16

Internet Speed...

My patience has reached its limit towards (a certain broadband company).....its so damn freaking slow...and worst of all...when u need the line..theres always something wrong...when its slow and least i would be able to still get i dont mind it that much...but when it keeps on disconnecting..especially when i am downloading something..its pisses me off...
The poor modem has suffered my wrath..and no matter how many times i have called them..its always "currently our helpers is unavailable pls wait till they are free to answer" well..something like that..i couldnt remember correctly..when it finally gets through. they make u do stupid stuffs....(ie. pls check the lights of the modem, etc etc....stuffs like that...and try to make it seem like the customer is in the wrong or whatever)...
Ok..maybe sometimes they need to upgrade their lines or watever..but they could always that people do not need to call a million times to get the problem verified...
And its not like i use the cheapest package or anything..i used the most expensive one...and yet the guarantee of the line is not there..the line used for the internet is an extra line that we took just for internet..not even used for house phone..i doubt there will be any interception...
The thing that pisses me off the most neighbours dont seem to have the problem..and frens living in the neighbourhood also dont seem to have problems..they can on9 and stuffs...while mine..loves to play dead..
If this goes on any longer..i think i would really love to change to another broadband company..


Wednesday, September 3

Because Eevon told me too....^^ the title says..I am only posting (after such a long time) because "someone" said i did not update my blog for a while to please her...I will i giving credit to u)

My blog name has also changed altogether, due to the diminishing of my obsession towards "him" which I found out to be quite a mistake..(sorry to "u")...I found out that the further more I understand him..the more i lose my feelings..Oh well.. life goes on..
and to top it all off...official countdown to the finishing of my training is 15 days...and in 4 more days...its gonna be Singapore trip..weeee...shall take loads and loads of pictures to be posted up here.. I will try to post it up right after the trip..^^..Its gonna be fun...(I hope).. not to mention digging a big gigantic hole in my bank account which will take loads of time to recover back..(my poor little allowance)..sponsors anyone??? I will buy u a souvenir if u do...^^ However this will be a first time for travel with friends...unbelievable no??
YES...its true..never been to trips to anywhere with my frens before...not even genting..oh ya..not sunway lagoon either..sigh..This trip shall be my first step to freedom..
The reasons why I couldnt go to all those trips where...

"You are underage, therefore etc etc etc..."
"You are a girl, therefore etc etc etc.."

But fear no more..I will turn 18 very soon...(Nov 14 to be exact..b'day presents..pls n tq)
Somehow or other my curfew and such has started to loosen up from 11 to 12 and all that for special occasions so, my social life has been getting better...(Dad actually bought me the Sparkling Wine i wanted, weird somehow alcohol is be drunk at home only though)

Yes, yes I blog lacks of pictures..and its all words..but wat to do..i dont really am "rajin" enough to upload pics into my com like other people do..and i suck horribly at photoshop, so lets remain with words ok??

This seems to be my longest post this broke a personal record..wee...shall celebrate..O.o..

oh ya...dont mind me..the tension and stress from the kitchen has gotten me kinda nuts...
i dont used to swear u know...but just comes out...scared myself sometimes..
all those bad

i shall stop here..cause theres nothing to tell no post will be after singapore trip..and thats god knows when..^^....adios...

Thursday, July 24


Damn it, damn it, damn it.....urghhh...
had a little accident today just after work at urban picnic....was soo pissed off man..
So pissed..
therefore this post ends...because i just wanted to release stress...oh well bb

Wednesday, July 2

time flies...

the last time i post was right after my training...and now..after one term spent in college..i am off to my second training...Time will even fly faster during everyday goes by extra fast...
Its gonna be my fourth day training cuisine studio...and i guess soon it will be the end..and all of us will be hurrying our reports like nobody's business ...and then the start of term 5.. has been ok till now.. i experienced the "sous vide" is sous vide? check out... for more answers...ngeh ngeh....sorry i dunno how to put links into the post yet...noobie blogger i am..^^V
As for term has been marvelous..with the hectic-ness of the bakery..the amounted assignments, reports, presentation and sorts...oh yes...lets not forget the documentary we had to do for malaysian studies...(phew...glad that is over)...but there were also the kitchen was awesome when we get to make whatever we want or liked..i have a couple of pictures..but i am toooooo lazy to upload it..lets just leave it like this kay..hehe
Ah yes..i also learned a new language..FRENCH...its cool..and kinda easy to catch..well if thought with fun that is..not those boring lecturers..that actually could put me to sleep..( i remember Mr E, who i actually dozed off a couple of times..and missed alot of notes...but oh well..)
Now awaiting for results..hopefully next week can know..i know some might dread it..hehe..but i would really like to know how i did...
hmm..its getting late..i dont know what to write till next time..A Bientot

ps. i shall find time to continue the post before this...
pss. i cant wait for the new harry potter movie..the 6th movie is coming out in Nov.. ^^

Thursday, March 20

10 course dinner at Third Floor Restaurant the title says....I had a 10 course dinner at the place where i was training at...The Chef is ever so kind to let me and my friend to try the experience of dining at a high class restaurant..^^
I would like to thank him very very much for the opportunity..hehe..

Anyway...We started with the Cocktails...I had Margarita...(for the first time)..according to my was created by a person when his wife just passed away or something..therefore its sour,bitter and salty..and so it was...i feel his friend on the other hand..had a Martini..

Next was the first course....
Citrus Cured Hiramasa Kingfish with Avocado and Vinegar sauce
It was absolutely marvelous..Cant see the avocado??
Its wrapped inside the fish..and also topped with salmon roe..Its just too good to describe..and its really suitable as a first course..its very much appetizing..yum yum..

Next we have the...Warm Scallop Custard with Avruga Caviar & Champagne Sauce...another yummy dish..all this while I thought the custard was creamy..but didnt i know that it looks so smooth outside..the texture inside is so...sandy and crumbly..(thinking bout me makes me so hungry)..together with the sauce..its..oh so good..and also the black dots..are CAVIARS...tried them for the first time..hehe..very suitable to go with the scallop custard..

Following on..we have the Boned Quail with Organic Black Beans & Confit of Garlic
The quail is stuffed with lobster mousse...^^..
Its half of a quail here..fully deboned except for the little bone left from the drumstick..its seared to perfection..while maintaining the texture..OMG....its superb...One of the best...

Next , Foie Gras (Goose Liver)..with caramelized apple and raisin..
This is a delicacy for me..not really into it..but still it has good flavor..
Though not a dish i would always eat.. Depends on the people though some likes it and some may dont..but its still worth a try..

My allllll time fav...Poached Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta, and Julliened TRUFFLE...(yes those black thingys on the chicken)...
I loved this dish the dont mind if the portion was bigger..hehe..(mouth -watering)...

Abalone with White Asparagus and Champagne Sabayon..
Uhm..I am not much of a Clam related food cant say I like it alot..but still...its quite nice..

Next Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup..served in a demitasse cup...
Finished in One tasty..hehe..Cant say no to mushrooms for me..^^

Anyway..thats it for now..
when I am free i will post up the main course and the desserts...
Theres still more pictures to upload...So be patient..

Sunday, February 10


Happy Chinese New Year ....everyone..
just like is the last day of my break...
time flies like nobody's business...back to work tomorrow..
I will be officially changing to FOTH...(front of the house)..which also means...waitering..
where your to wait on the customers..^^
OMG..while typing this post..i just remembered that i have to think up of an idea..for the coming valentines set menu ..oh gosh oh gosh... i will keep this post very short..LOL..
Anyway..things are going quite well..for those that has read my previous post..=p
about a certain someone that I happened to be obsessed with..and hopefully..things will go even smoother..
Just only yesterday I went to my friends open house..where it was kinda like a reunion after so long not seeing each other since high school and all...
Feeling of reunion is nice..
And for the first time..tried vodka (solid)...and because it was a game..i had to a shot of it..
It was burning..gosh..Thank God for the lemon after that..
Shall not drink vodka any sooner..after yesterday..
And my post is in a mess...good luck differering one topic to another...
If its possible..i shall try to get the pictures posted up here soon...
I hoped..

Sunday, February 3

Got tagged...!!!

Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it total 20 questions, then tag to 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post.You must link to the one who tag you, then spread it to 8 people, let the game go on, return the tag to sender is prohibited.
1.What is your dream during your childhood?
I always wanted to be a Veteranian..too bad I am bad at biology..
2. Are you happy at this point in your life?
3.Which colour you like most?Black or White?
Black of course
4.Who would I marry to?
Someone that makes my heart feel safe and always flutter at the same time..=p
5.Where is the place you wanted to go most? Why?
Korea..its just so be there.
6.Which part of you that you love the most?
My eyelashes..(i am vain i know)...they are long..^^
7.When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do?
Cry my heart out alone and forget about it after that..
8.What are you scared to lose the most?
My powers are still increasing..
9.If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? Or just keep secret in heart, observing by yourself?
Observe first then confess if there is chance.
10.List out 3 good points of the one who tag you.
He is a good person, responsible and have common sense ...not telling who though..
11.What are the requirements that you wish for your another half?
Loyal & sweet...
12.Which type of person you hate most?
Arrogant people that likes to boast and not even sure of what they are boasting about..
13.What is your ambition?
Hoping that i could cook and taste good food around the world..
14.What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad.
Their way of treating an animal...and instincts..somehow or other
15.If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
Get rid of my current allergic...
16.What do you think that is most important in your life?
My would be my freedom of speech.
17.Who’s your favourite cartoon character?
Cinderella...from i was a kid..
18.What will you do if the world ends tomorrow?
Do as many things that I didnt dare do bungee jumping and stuffs like that
19.Do you think people who wears fake eyelashes are hot? they are superbly handsome only when they have their fake eyelashes.
20. Whats the most regrettable thing you’ve ever done in your life?
Not confessing to someone i liked for 2 years...and just leave it at the stage where we would just say hi when we bump each other..
I Tag :
1. Eevon
2. Sherryna
3. Alex
4. Tommy
5. Alvin
6. Andy
7. Vincent
8. Sze Mun

Sunday, January 6


The Omg is actually good guess i am rather happy?
With the industrial training going rather "ok"....and all...People from Third Floor is really friendly..& helpful...
Started on Wednesday....from 3pm-11pm..(sometimes earlier let off)..AND...every sunday is off day for me...^^..(for the whole restaurant actually)
Anyway...I got my license at last...^-^....and got to drive my car twice already...LOL
So far so good...but still not that 'biasa' with auto..and power stering.. got all sorts of comments from my dad..=p
I think for now my blogging day will be on Sundays since..i have split-shift...which is 10am-11pm.. more mad least for this 3 months..LOL
Still i got nothing much to leave here already