Thursday, November 27

Time sure fly fast...

In a blink of an eye, its already end of term term/next year will be our graduation year/term..which is in April...It amazes me that, we learned so much, yet I feel like I didnt learn anything..guess I am just used to it..?
Sigh..there are some group pictures taken edy...and not sure when I gonna get it though..maybe a few days later..hope I can post it up here if i remember..
Finals are coming..but gladly only 4 subjects...and we finish damn early..on a wednesday, which is the last day of our exams..for DH students..good luck..not sure when u guys going to have exams until though..hehe
Hmm..since theres no pictures..and I feel like playing games...buai....LOL


adrian said...

wow, graduation? so fast?

Elaine said...

yup..april's our graduation...for diploma, but i will be taking until thats another 2 years