Sunday, February 10


Happy Chinese New Year ....everyone..
just like is the last day of my break...
time flies like nobody's business...back to work tomorrow..
I will be officially changing to FOTH...(front of the house)..which also means...waitering..
where your to wait on the customers..^^
OMG..while typing this post..i just remembered that i have to think up of an idea..for the coming valentines set menu ..oh gosh oh gosh... i will keep this post very short..LOL..
Anyway..things are going quite well..for those that has read my previous post..=p
about a certain someone that I happened to be obsessed with..and hopefully..things will go even smoother..
Just only yesterday I went to my friends open house..where it was kinda like a reunion after so long not seeing each other since high school and all...
Feeling of reunion is nice..
And for the first time..tried vodka (solid)...and because it was a game..i had to a shot of it..
It was burning..gosh..Thank God for the lemon after that..
Shall not drink vodka any sooner..after yesterday..
And my post is in a mess...good luck differering one topic to another...
If its possible..i shall try to get the pictures posted up here soon...
I hoped..

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