Thursday, November 29

Last FnB service for the whole Diploma

I am not sure about others but I was rather please with yesterday's service.
Eventhough there were "funeral" comments from Mr D, regarding the settings and
Overall it was rather fun actually, and my post was a assistant manager + cashier...(had fun counting all the
Neway...alot of our juniors...came..Alvin hope everyone had fun, even if the food wasn't that up to standard somehow..and thanks to their rice pudding and raspberry coulie, we had an extra choice in dessert..yee pee
Sry theres no pictures though..but would likely to get them soon..i shall paste it here.. seems that i have no mood to post..well..maybe next
Shall get updated with this post again when i get the pictures..which i dunno when

Saturday, November 24


So, today was the "big" interview...woke this morning feeling nervous...etc..then by 1pm reached Han's house....went to Third Floor for the interview together...but but but...before that....
When we leave Mentari Court , at the federal was super jam...because Mr Policemen are setting up a road block..and everyone started to get really really slow..but luckily after the road was smooth journey all the way to KL...we reached KL..and then..half way through to bintang walk was still fine..and then i think we took a wrong turn and ended up at times square..., so we had to park at Sungai Wang Plaza which took us "half an hour or so to find a parking" and had to walked all the way to JW Marriot....
When we got there, the ambience was so so high class...I was in awe of the atmosphere in the hotel...(5 star hotel afterall)..and it was link to Starhill..go figure..
Anyway..the funniest part was..we wanted to look for a restroom to freshen up...but we couldn't find we asked the kind guy standing by the lifts..he said it was one floor up..and so we went up...when we reached the upper ground floor..we still couldn't find it..and had to ask a security guard this kindly showed us and when we reached it was a unisex restroom with a sign.."IF WISH FOR PRIVACY LOCK THE DOOR"
After freshing up...we went to the lift and went to third floor..the restaurant is so cool...
We entered...told a guy our purpose..and he called us to wait at one bar table top if i am not mistaken...We filled in some forms..and waited..then it was the interview...(cheng cheng cheng....)
And it didn't last for 5 was short and straight to the point..but not really an interview as i have expected...I am not complaining though..=p
So the chance is more like 80% confirm...^^
After the interview..we headed of to pavilion..and line up for around 20 minutes..for the ever so famous J.CO donuts..bought a dozen each and then went to sungai into the car and went back to Mentari Court...
I had to go to Pyramid, so there i went..holding the box of J.CO donuts..(people must be wondering if the one in pyramid is open..=p).. ends the hectic much walking, so much pain to my leg...

Thursday, November 22


Today was wine tasting was fun...trying the sparkling wine especially...didn't know it could taste so sweet, nice and bubbly...couldn't have today we tasted 3 types of,white, and of course the sparkling wine..
Both red and white wine doesn't taste or doesn't suit my taste very too bland, another too tannic....
And at last gotten some serious work done for the ad assignment...At last....and due date is next week..gosh..we are so gonna have to rush...(jia you)
Funny..i cant seem to get the english word for Jia You..anyone can tell me?..besides work harder that is....hehe..
AH....International buffet is coming..gonna be in the management team therefore i could walk around entertaining people...=p..
Oh well..hope the planning will go well tomorrow...^^

Yesterday's service

Yesterday night was our asian buffet dinner service for kitchen practical..and like all buffets different type of food is made by different groups. Group 2 did the beef,long-beans, fruit rojak, and the white rice. I in particular did the rojak sauce..that took me the quite some time to
Its not easy as you think..
Anyway, after the service our comments on our food and replenishing was everyone is happy and all.. class earlier today, me and May'2 somehow created a codename for everyone..(how we did cannot be stated)...but it was was like everyone had a chance to express their anger and forget about it later..good for releasing stress (^^V)
Ah...we have a codename for the "him" in this blog also..which makes conversation much easier, especially infront of others..=p
Somehow or other my post today is abit cacat..i can feel it forgive me..
Anyway, about him...i think my chance is getting slim..slimmer as we speak..sighhhhhh...

Tuesday, November 20

Final Stage of blog renovation?

I think theres nothing much to add in to the blog anymore, unless i wan to add medias..but too lazy la..and i don't want others to come because of the media's too... was a very very unlucky day...
~first i found out that i lost my chef hat this morning..,had to run around looking for it and just my luck when normally the lost and found would have many spares...but today there were none..instead it was full of useless junks to me..T_T
~second...i forgot to bring my fiche technique..(recipe)..and since class was early in the morning, there wasn't enough time to photocopy another set...fine..had to share in class
~third..i forgot to bring my dry and clean gawd..but lucky Mischa borrowed me one..still can do something la..(i now know how hard it is in the kitchen without a towel..T_T)
~fourth..i had to buy another chef hat which cost Rm 15, and could only get it at 9 am..when my class starts at 8.15..had to avoid Chef B*** while i was in the kitchen..omg..
And during the class i at last recieved the call from the career center telling me to go to an interview for my industrial at least some news..
Oh...and May-may..I where got no news how to update wor...=p
But yeah..'memang' wont have news d wan la...don't need to bother much..just lend me an ear to grumble from time to time yeah?

Sunday, November 18

Day 3

As you can see...i have added pictures and links to my frens blog as well..(still thinking on what i can add)..
Today is a short day..i woke up at 8.00am..and went to my 6 hours amali course for the license...and then i reached home at 4.00 pm...a whole day gone just like day...
And the whole amali was rather pointless...and super tiring...reach there around 9 something...then register..etc...and then 9.45 only start the course...and after 3 hours it was the practical course..learning about car stuffs like engine,radiatior...etc..and stood there for 3 hours again...
although it was quite interesting...i see the theory part rather useless...because the practical part is more like a repeat...
Later we finished at 3....and then had to wait for the driving instructor for another 30 minutes for him to come and fetch me back...sigh...
AND need to wait for another 10 ten days for them to get my L license day is gone just like that...T__T
Feel so wasted man...sigh..

Saturday, November 17

Day 2

Today was the first Saturday that i had to go to college for class since term 1...(term 3 now)
We had moral class today...with Mr Adrian lecturing and telling us stories like normal...
Unfortunately, a certain someone did not turn up today as i have expected..but still todays class was enjoyable..
Also..clever May-May seems to have figured out something that i wanted to keep quiet about...(shouldn't have told u my blog link-->May2)..and now he is blackmailiing me...hmm..but still..IF i do get my car..i dun mind giving u rides..occasionally...and i repeat...occasionally..
Do not get ur hopes high ok??..hehe..=p
Oh yes..."Alvin, don't wack my head with a pen anymore laaaaaa"...=P...
And and...because i didn't go and watch the 'Balls of Fury' movie with you guys,(May2,JungleB,and Leon,Jimmy)...i got myself a new yeah..gladly my mom was in a cheery mood today..^^
Still couldnt get the short pants i wanted..sigh..

Friday, November 16

Day 1 of renovation

Still trying to get a hang of things on how to customize this confusing...and not sure how i wan to write hang on..
As usual, i will blab about my life here..because i treat it like a diary..which nobody use to read..but with May-May adding me into his bloggers community..sooner or later it will be read..
But..i couldn't deny that this wasn't what i wished...=p
Today i didn't get to meet HIM...but still..high hopes for tomorrow..
and with the ad assignment I sure will be hectic tomorrow...speaking of it..i still haven't type out the scenes with
End term assessment is drawing nearer as i "type"...and still i have no mood to study..i am so doomed...especially for Moral and Cost Accounting...the 2 subjects i don't particularly adore ..T_T
Hadn't had a good mark for the first assessment = striving to get better marks for the coming assessment..
Oh...almost forgot mentioning the most important last i am 17 and eligible to take the amali(6 hours of torture)...its not fair that u have to be like over 17 to take it...a few weeks wont change a persons mindset to be more mature or Sunday is the day i am going to take the Amali..not long my license...^^

Thursday, November 15

Decided on a major revamp on my blog..

Just u wait and see...i shall change my blog completely..and finally expose it to the to various reasons i am awfully happy)...
The revamp might take some time i still do not know how to utilize this blog settings let the renovating begin...^^

Monday, November 12

I am so happy today that it actually make me wanna like 2 days in a
Finally, after so long..i actually had a conversation with him..(beaming)..sigh...and and and ..i can get to see him again for sure next my behaviour =p)..this is what happens when i am too freaking happy...gyahahahaha...(again)
Still...why must they arrange the industrial training in such a way...cant seem him for excactly one year after this term..T_______T.....but still i hope i wont have a change of heart..(lol)...signing off...=p

Sunday, November 11

help..i still do not know how to customize this blog..therefore it looks really dull...T__T
not that i dont have time...just toooo lets leave it be..not that any comes to read my
this blog is just an outlet for my vending...=p birthday is coming at last..but lol..i already gotten most of my presents to look forward much to..(no suprises)..sigh..
Oh..and i have to serve others on my birthday..not that i am complaining..just lucky..i bet i can stay out late that night...(serving others)...and i think around 5-6 of us are having birthdays on wednesdays this year somehow..since term 3 miracles happen sometimes..
Assignments are getting broader each day too...first it was architectual, then now its didnt know that diploma in culinary arts could be so broad in this knowledge..most would think all we are doing is cook cook cook and more cooking...but we are serving long till the next time i MIGHT post..^^