Sunday, November 16

18th at last....

This year, somehow or other..the first time i celebrate my birthday for 3
One day before, on the day itself and the day after...
Somehow a huge coincidence happened....The day before, my dad bought a huge secret recipe cheese cake, and ask me to bring to class tomorrow for others to share..but before that..wish making, song singing thingy happens we packed the cake nicely in a box an all..AND
i forgot to bring to college the next day...=p
So was Friday, and we had kitchen class early in the cook cook..and viola...
Some sort of weird looking lamb roulade with rose herb butter and ravioli..own and andy...hehe
Then while cleaning up/listening to chef frederic's advice.... I had this conversation with Andy..
(from a far)...Mischa : Anyone got lighter..?
Aniq :
Me(facing to andy) : You guys baked me a cake didn't you
Andy : I don't want to friend you already..(walks away)
(walks back) how did u know..?
Me : Lighter....^^V

Then, a few moments later, mischa came out with the cake
sorry for the disorientated looking cake...its just well.."sengeted"

Well..yeah this is the cake...Another cheese cake lol..just lucky that i didnt bring the one i had at home..
cake on the other hand is quite "hot" its gone the moment i sliced it
Chef Frederic who helped in the plan said out of no where " The plan was a success"
LOL...didnt know where that came from..

Another thing that happened was...them forcing me to get into the dirty pond..sigh..
I went in instead of having them to throw me inside..and because i went in myself..i didnt get my hair pictures is with Sam though..haha..

Day 3
Went out to celebrate again with my family...just went to a restaurant and had dinner there...the end...LOL

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