Thursday, March 20

10 course dinner at Third Floor Restaurant the title says....I had a 10 course dinner at the place where i was training at...The Chef is ever so kind to let me and my friend to try the experience of dining at a high class restaurant..^^
I would like to thank him very very much for the opportunity..hehe..

Anyway...We started with the Cocktails...I had Margarita...(for the first time)..according to my was created by a person when his wife just passed away or something..therefore its sour,bitter and salty..and so it was...i feel his friend on the other hand..had a Martini..

Next was the first course....
Citrus Cured Hiramasa Kingfish with Avocado and Vinegar sauce
It was absolutely marvelous..Cant see the avocado??
Its wrapped inside the fish..and also topped with salmon roe..Its just too good to describe..and its really suitable as a first course..its very much appetizing..yum yum..

Next we have the...Warm Scallop Custard with Avruga Caviar & Champagne Sauce...another yummy dish..all this while I thought the custard was creamy..but didnt i know that it looks so smooth outside..the texture inside is so...sandy and crumbly..(thinking bout me makes me so hungry)..together with the sauce..its..oh so good..and also the black dots..are CAVIARS...tried them for the first time..hehe..very suitable to go with the scallop custard..

Following on..we have the Boned Quail with Organic Black Beans & Confit of Garlic
The quail is stuffed with lobster mousse...^^..
Its half of a quail here..fully deboned except for the little bone left from the drumstick..its seared to perfection..while maintaining the texture..OMG....its superb...One of the best...

Next , Foie Gras (Goose Liver)..with caramelized apple and raisin..
This is a delicacy for me..not really into it..but still it has good flavor..
Though not a dish i would always eat.. Depends on the people though some likes it and some may dont..but its still worth a try..

My allllll time fav...Poached Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta, and Julliened TRUFFLE...(yes those black thingys on the chicken)...
I loved this dish the dont mind if the portion was bigger..hehe..(mouth -watering)...

Abalone with White Asparagus and Champagne Sabayon..
Uhm..I am not much of a Clam related food cant say I like it alot..but still...its quite nice..

Next Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup..served in a demitasse cup...
Finished in One tasty..hehe..Cant say no to mushrooms for me..^^

Anyway..thats it for now..
when I am free i will post up the main course and the desserts...
Theres still more pictures to upload...So be patient..

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