Thursday, July 24


Damn it, damn it, damn it.....urghhh...
had a little accident today just after work at urban picnic....was soo pissed off man..
So pissed..
therefore this post ends...because i just wanted to release stress...oh well bb

Wednesday, July 2

time flies...

the last time i post was right after my training...and now..after one term spent in college..i am off to my second training...Time will even fly faster during everyday goes by extra fast...
Its gonna be my fourth day training cuisine studio...and i guess soon it will be the end..and all of us will be hurrying our reports like nobody's business ...and then the start of term 5.. has been ok till now.. i experienced the "sous vide" is sous vide? check out... for more answers...ngeh ngeh....sorry i dunno how to put links into the post yet...noobie blogger i am..^^V
As for term has been marvelous..with the hectic-ness of the bakery..the amounted assignments, reports, presentation and sorts...oh yes...lets not forget the documentary we had to do for malaysian studies...(phew...glad that is over)...but there were also the kitchen was awesome when we get to make whatever we want or liked..i have a couple of pictures..but i am toooooo lazy to upload it..lets just leave it like this kay..hehe
Ah yes..i also learned a new language..FRENCH...its cool..and kinda easy to catch..well if thought with fun that is..not those boring lecturers..that actually could put me to sleep..( i remember Mr E, who i actually dozed off a couple of times..and missed alot of notes...but oh well..)
Now awaiting for results..hopefully next week can know..i know some might dread it..hehe..but i would really like to know how i did...
hmm..its getting late..i dont know what to write till next time..A Bientot

ps. i shall find time to continue the post before this...
pss. i cant wait for the new harry potter movie..the 6th movie is coming out in Nov.. ^^