Tuesday, December 14

Emotions and rationality

Andy's Metaphor of love ~ ... (hope he is not seeing this)
Relationships are like crashing into a wall, either u crash or u missed it...
crashing the wall would be painful, meaning it is unsuccessful... or u missed the wall and brought a chance of hope, meaning it was successful..

(technically his story was wayyyy longer than this, but i summarized...hahahaah)

Anyway, relationship problems sucks!.. One sided love... sucks toooooo
When your heart tells you, go for it ! You can do it !, nothing will go wrong, worst is just ending any sort of friendship you have... AND THEN
Your brain tells you, wait a little longer, theres plenty of time, dont rush, if u rush it might be negative... etc etc etc...

So both of them are constantly fighting with each other, it makes me wonder.. how to make them think alike... hmmmm

Then again we have something we called... "woman's instinct" or "intuition"
the feeling of knowing ... any sort of things.. this feeling are most of the time are correct and real, but should we rely on them ?

It's all very very confusing... so the problem now, to go for it? to pull back?

OH! RIGHT! there is a third choice to the metaphor above, to pull the reverse gear and turn back, never needing to face the wall... but because reverse gear are normally slower than the drive, it will take a longer time ... and it might suffer another crash... hahahahahahahhaha...

I am going mad...