Friday, December 28


At last...I have my P license...todays JPJ test was actually ok..despite the sudden nervous spasms..
but still I pass...muahahhaa...
Now all i have to do is patiently wait for my license to be printed and laminated...
but, i got sick...damn it...ish ish
and on the one day before i go Singapore..geramnya...i am so going to cry if i cant eat all the good food there.....ish ish
Anyway...term break is almost gone..starting on Wednesday 3rd will be my first industrial training...(hope my illness get away by then)...
Oh more mood to write/type already...So thats it I guess..

Friday, December 21


Due to various reasons, the should be post of 'The Return' has been canceled..=p
Anyway..another week of boring term break has week is Christmas and soon to come New Year's day...
This particular year pass by so was like only yesterday i finished my SPM..LOL
but in January off to industrial training i go..weeeeeeeeeeeeee
My driving lessons are last learned to parking,3 point turn, and Naik Bukit...
and my JPJ test is already scheduled..(keeps my fingers cross)...and its on the 28th...
next week...yay..^^
Oh..besides that..I have another good news...

Muahaha...that would be MyviSe-san...=p..oh with ..Mr

The only depressing thing is..I cant drive it till i get my license..ish

Saturday, December 15

Exam, Term 3...over

So, starting this week....term break starts...what should i do..?
I am not good at mindless SDO not donwloading properly...
Bored with various games...etc
(lucky there will be a year end trip to Sg to look forward too)
Hmm...I am open to suggestions for anything that can help ease my boredem, that i feel it will soon knock on my fact i think it will reach by monday...sighhhhhh english exam is the worst ever...arghh...therefore..improving on my written english is a need...can anyone teach me...*puppy dog eyes*...spoken english is still above average..but i just hate writting..sigh
Industrial training is sooo near..can't wait for it actually...
Along with my license...which..oh wait..haha..thank god..Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday got driving lesson to look forward toooo..^^ *beams*
yay..what should i do after that then??
I will be at the secluded township which i only dislike for the fact that it is..well...
rather secluded if u dont mind me mentioning again...theres nothing here..and no public transport...ish-ness...
au revoir...for now..=p

ps...i shall update a post about The Return...soon...(hint: May^2,Aaron,Han,)

Thursday, December 13

It feels like exam is over...

It amazed me that another year has gone by so quickly...term 3 is almost exactly 1 more day...tomorrows last assessment...English..=p
That lucky me is not worrisome..^^ And after will be term break till 2nd..but 3rd Jan for me..^^...which marks the start of my first industrial training...(one year cant see him.T_T)
Today was the final examination for the Dc23 the whole Dc27 was their commis..glad to be was great we know what will we be doing when its our turn..
We were asked to sign in at 7.30 am...but..don't know wat happened..we only went into the kitchen at around 8.30 am...that was a let down though..
Then when we did get into the kitchen..we were asked to lined up in a row...then 16 were chosen to be the candidates commis..and the other 11 was "runners".
I was a runner at first...then one of the commis got i also got a try being the commis..=p
All i could recall was..alot alot alot of...julienne-ing..and potato n carrot turning..thank god that my potato and carrot actually looked like a cocotte....(believe me..i wasn't good at turning at all)
My julienne was ok i guess...still could be improved..haha 1.30pm our commis ended..another day gone by just like that ...sigh..
Days are so short now a days..arghh..=(
Jai Jian...^^V

Tuesday, December 11

Good News Galore last can have a try behind wheels...legally..^^
My first 2 hours of class..(actually 1&a half only)..was super fun..but tiring..damn that clutch.ish
must press until so deep..until one leg have to stretch out longer..sigh..
I think i could manage the gear though...^^
Besides industrial training venue is CONFIRMED...muahahaha
And hopefully...another good news will come soon..=p
Oh ya..i have a new prepaid line too..which means..unlimited call for that line only..yay.
Ok enough crapping..tomorrow's cost accounting and business maths assessment..wish me luck..^^v....I really have to start studying soon..sigh..

Saturday, December 8

L license..

At long last...i got my L license already...muahahahaha
And i get to start to learn how to drive by monday..yay..
Lucky my driving instructor (uncle)...let me take fast..muahahaha
oh was the start of our end term subject down..3 more to go..

Last Dinner Service of the term...

And so the term ends..and its exam week..arghh..
At last my blog got are some pictures i managed to obtain...

This is the yule log we made...till today i still kinda doubt that we made that..

And this is a close up on Mrs and Mr Snowman...XD
Reindeer Jimmy and Reindeer Shane (with Sherryna's "hand" gun)

Overall the service was I was in the kitchen..and recieved some compliments from the lecturers that were there...Our food was good...=p
Good Job to everyone...^^
Peace..Signing Off

Friday, December 7

Someone make up my mind for me...

(I still haven't have pictures for the last service so..this post first)

My mind is really jumbled up now...Everything really have their own pro's and con's..
I really dunno wat to do already..with the industrial training coming and all...
and being cheerful everyday is not something easy to do...
I couldn't make any more decisions...or keep on to a decision i make any longer..
Even when typing this post..i had to backspace so many times...when i normally don't need to..
For those that has been following with my blog posts..You might guess whats wrong with me..
And, yes its bout him...and, college most of all..and I don't know why that some people are more "kan cheong" then me about things that concern only me..sigh...(and when i say things that concern only me...means my own private things)
Anyway...i should leave this gloomy stage soon..or spare myself falling into depression..
Shoo Shoo..emo-ness

Monday, December 3

I wonder...?

I sometimes wonder..wouldn't it be great if I was more brave..more confident...etc
but, when its the time for me to prove it...i retreat immediately..somehow or other..with excuses i make up myself...which also includes unreasonable reasons...
Won't it be better if i could just face my feelings act like it? I sometimes feel like a hypocrite..
also a type of person that i dun like..but still i couldn't change the fact that i sometimes weren't
I am feeling super emo when i wrote this anyway..
With a deep emotion beneath trying to get out..after such a long time..
I still am in doubt whether or not to let it out..but yet again i might fail badly,
Should i try i ask myself...with encouraging and also discouraging words all around..
I just couldn't make up my mind just yet...but times running out..(help)...yet i have to solve it myself.
I know this sounds lame, but i figured this is the only i could express my feelings..without really expressing it...
Day by strings are being pulled, it gets tighter & tighter each second...
Good Night...

Sunday, December 2

Late-ness in update

So sorry for the late update....anyway this post is for friday's barbeque..^^
Anyway...I have no pictures yet too..its all with if u wan to see them..u can go to his blog..
The day started with going to college at 8 am..Had maths class, then kitchen practical...had to do a presentation..etc.etc..anyway after class we went to May'2 house and he had to pack his things..his house (first time)..was so
After that off we go to Vincent's house (which include..Me,Maynard,Alvin,Samantha,Leon,Jimmy & of course Vincent)..which was in Seputih...we got to his house..and started the mise-en place...chop chop chop...slice slice slice....
Then we had nothing to do so all sat down at the kitchen table and drank german wine courtesy from Alvin..=p
Later we set the barbeque thingy (fireplace)..wateva it is called...And they had to steal some bricks lol..(shhh) because there weren't enough..
BBQ started..only the few of us plus Jon,& Aniq..started eating and playing around at the BBQ
The others came later around 8-9 i think ..and the "party" continued..till around 12 something or 1...but i left early with Aniq and Jon...(damn curfew & no transport)
Anyway..we did alot of things...May'2 did potato salad..which is quite nice actually..i am not too sure if it was finished though..there was alot..
And there was also pasta, & chocolate cakes...^^
For More Information..pls refer to ANDY'S Blog..=P
(whose blog link can be found at the right hand column)