Wednesday, September 3

Because Eevon told me too....^^ the title says..I am only posting (after such a long time) because "someone" said i did not update my blog for a while to please her...I will i giving credit to u)

My blog name has also changed altogether, due to the diminishing of my obsession towards "him" which I found out to be quite a mistake..(sorry to "u")...I found out that the further more I understand him..the more i lose my feelings..Oh well.. life goes on..
and to top it all off...official countdown to the finishing of my training is 15 days...and in 4 more days...its gonna be Singapore trip..weeee...shall take loads and loads of pictures to be posted up here.. I will try to post it up right after the trip..^^..Its gonna be fun...(I hope).. not to mention digging a big gigantic hole in my bank account which will take loads of time to recover back..(my poor little allowance)..sponsors anyone??? I will buy u a souvenir if u do...^^ However this will be a first time for travel with friends...unbelievable no??
YES...its true..never been to trips to anywhere with my frens before...not even genting..oh ya..not sunway lagoon either..sigh..This trip shall be my first step to freedom..
The reasons why I couldnt go to all those trips where...

"You are underage, therefore etc etc etc..."
"You are a girl, therefore etc etc etc.."

But fear no more..I will turn 18 very soon...(Nov 14 to be exact..b'day presents..pls n tq)
Somehow or other my curfew and such has started to loosen up from 11 to 12 and all that for special occasions so, my social life has been getting better...(Dad actually bought me the Sparkling Wine i wanted, weird somehow alcohol is be drunk at home only though)

Yes, yes I blog lacks of pictures..and its all words..but wat to do..i dont really am "rajin" enough to upload pics into my com like other people do..and i suck horribly at photoshop, so lets remain with words ok??

This seems to be my longest post this broke a personal record..wee...shall celebrate..O.o..

oh ya...dont mind me..the tension and stress from the kitchen has gotten me kinda nuts...
i dont used to swear u know...but just comes out...scared myself sometimes..
all those bad

i shall stop here..cause theres nothing to tell no post will be after singapore trip..and thats god knows when..^^....adios...

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