Thursday, April 11

A Breather

Dropping by to vent out my thoughts... (more like anger) Point 1... If you do not know anything about something.. do your own research... I AM NOT A F*cking WALKING ENCYCLOPEDIA!!!!! There are things that I do not know also... and hello.. even if i know.. doesnt mean i have to share with you when i got it from my own efforts... oooh right.. sharing is caring...but sharing is not one way you know..... if i am the only one giving.. then who is giving me...???????? Point 2... Do your own part.... and not pushing to others and taking the same credit... it highly demotivates another person... and its frustrating.. ok.. u don't have time... but time management is not my problem.. its yours.. not enough time.. then make time.. do other things faster.. learn to do it faster... ITS HAS BEEN A WHOLE FREAKING YEAR.... not that you are not aware of these work at all... (oh well..thank god for individual assignments)... Yes yes.. we should help one another.. but again... i am doing all the helping.. who is helping me??? A simple i dont know how to do and i dont have time.. will settle everything??? and friendship doesnt goes single way only too... SO NOTE TO ANYONE READING THIS... DO YOUR OWN PART... AND DONT RELY ON ANOTHER PPL.. THEY WILL JUST GET TIRED OF YOU.. and you won't feel the loss till you actually lose it... now that anger is out... time to get back to work.. that is pushed over..... BULLSHIT!