Thursday, April 11

A Breather

Dropping by to vent out my thoughts... (more like anger) Point 1... If you do not know anything about something.. do your own research... I AM NOT A F*cking WALKING ENCYCLOPEDIA!!!!! There are things that I do not know also... and hello.. even if i know.. doesnt mean i have to share with you when i got it from my own efforts... oooh right.. sharing is caring...but sharing is not one way you know..... if i am the only one giving.. then who is giving me...???????? Point 2... Do your own part.... and not pushing to others and taking the same credit... it highly demotivates another person... and its frustrating.. ok.. u don't have time... but time management is not my problem.. its yours.. not enough time.. then make time.. do other things faster.. learn to do it faster... ITS HAS BEEN A WHOLE FREAKING YEAR.... not that you are not aware of these work at all... (oh well..thank god for individual assignments)... Yes yes.. we should help one another.. but again... i am doing all the helping.. who is helping me??? A simple i dont know how to do and i dont have time.. will settle everything??? and friendship doesnt goes single way only too... SO NOTE TO ANYONE READING THIS... DO YOUR OWN PART... AND DONT RELY ON ANOTHER PPL.. THEY WILL JUST GET TIRED OF YOU.. and you won't feel the loss till you actually lose it... now that anger is out... time to get back to work.. that is pushed over..... BULLSHIT!

Wednesday, April 11

DIY Korean Keyboard layout~!

I have decided to post this up.. for those that are interested in making their own Korean keyboard stickers.. I have contemplated to purchase the keyboard stickers..but its a little overpriced.. and since I had nothing to do at home.. i decided to play with the things I have at home.

Though some of you might not have these plain white stickers.. it is easily found in any stationary shops near you~!

1) Plain white sticker (writable/printable type)
2) Transparent scotch tape
3) Pencil / Pen / Ruler
4) Scissors
5) N ur keyboard.. =D

Anyway~! STEP 1!!!

Get your sticker paper... and draw a few lines.. to make 6cm x6cm squares.. (the size is totally up to you.. but i found this size appropriate for the keyboard) As per the picture.

Alright~! STEP 2!!!

Next on, you should make around 30 boxes, (because 26 letters on the keyboard), extras for mistakes =D or backup..
Then start filling it up according to the supposed to be korean keyboard layout~
Here i have a website, where you can use as a reference, if you don't know how the layout looks like -

And then after you fill up the boxes.. you will get something like the images above

Moving on~! STEP 3!!!

Once you have written all the 26 korean alphabets.. you then take your scotch tape or any transparent celotape, etc and carefully place a layer on top of the now written sticker paper. Like this....

After that, trim the excess tapes away.. (don't stick it to the back of the sticker paper, u will need to remove the seal at the back later)

Anyway~ now you will have a layer of protective cover on top of the words.. to avoid the letters from smearing or spoiling.

Continuing on... STEP 4 !!

You can know cut the stickers according to the box that you have drawn (one by one.. to avoid them going all over the place) and stick them to your keyboard as per the layout.

After sticking them carefully.. you will get something like this ~! and away you go~ typing in korean letters if you want ~~

=).. you of course can also choose to use different colours, materials, or what ever that you can find.. but just an idea that came from my mind.. ^ ^ V

Have fun~!!

Monday, January 17


WOW~!!!! my blog has not gotten so many hits in a month b4... suddenly it reached 3k hits... @@ amazing... lol.. i don't know what to say... hmm.. especially the readers are worldwide.. which leaves me even more speechless...

THANK YOU ALL WHO READ MY BLOG... eventhough u have absolute no idea of what it is entirely about... truly grateful <3 hehe i will try to update more often if u are interested.... and if u are not.. u can always close the browser ;)
this is just a place for me to rant out my feelings...

(emotions are hard to hide..... =p)


=D --> new years past and its already 2011 ~!! Happy New Year everyone "throws confetti" ... i know i know.. i am a "little" late.. but its the thought that counts right? hahahaha.. In the year up ahead... i hope everyone have a marvelous year and will be able to achieve what ever they want ! "finger's crossed"

But but but, because its 2011.. its also the final semester of my Degreeeeeeeee....
meaning more assignments, dissertation, internship, reports, exams.... all this stressful things... sigh.. but luckily ~!! its also the year of a long looked-forward trip to........ *drumroll pls* ~~~~~~~

tadah ~!!! muahahahahahhaaha... 2 weeks residence trip from my course <3
(taking out the assignment that we have to do there and all.. skip skip the sad part)
its gonna be awesome ~!! (come to think of it.. i have been to france more than some other states in my country... hmmmmmmm ) .. hahaha.. oh well ~~
Can't wait to go there ~~~ weeeeeeeeee

ok.. my frantic post has come to an end.. as i am due for bed.... my poor droopy eyes... ;)