Sunday, January 6


The Omg is actually good guess i am rather happy?
With the industrial training going rather "ok"....and all...People from Third Floor is really friendly..& helpful...
Started on Wednesday....from 3pm-11pm..(sometimes earlier let off)..AND...every sunday is off day for me...^^..(for the whole restaurant actually)
Anyway...I got my license at last...^-^....and got to drive my car twice already...LOL
So far so good...but still not that 'biasa' with auto..and power stering.. got all sorts of comments from my dad..=p
I think for now my blogging day will be on Sundays since..i have split-shift...which is 10am-11pm.. more mad least for this 3 months..LOL
Still i got nothing much to leave here already

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keekeelala said...

hi there!

glad to hear that ur happy there!
*envy* lol.. well hope to see u guys again soon.


Kee shen