Wednesday, April 11

DIY Korean Keyboard layout~!

I have decided to post this up.. for those that are interested in making their own Korean keyboard stickers.. I have contemplated to purchase the keyboard stickers..but its a little overpriced.. and since I had nothing to do at home.. i decided to play with the things I have at home.

Though some of you might not have these plain white stickers.. it is easily found in any stationary shops near you~!

1) Plain white sticker (writable/printable type)
2) Transparent scotch tape
3) Pencil / Pen / Ruler
4) Scissors
5) N ur keyboard.. =D

Anyway~! STEP 1!!!

Get your sticker paper... and draw a few lines.. to make 6cm x6cm squares.. (the size is totally up to you.. but i found this size appropriate for the keyboard) As per the picture.

Alright~! STEP 2!!!

Next on, you should make around 30 boxes, (because 26 letters on the keyboard), extras for mistakes =D or backup..
Then start filling it up according to the supposed to be korean keyboard layout~
Here i have a website, where you can use as a reference, if you don't know how the layout looks like -

And then after you fill up the boxes.. you will get something like the images above

Moving on~! STEP 3!!!

Once you have written all the 26 korean alphabets.. you then take your scotch tape or any transparent celotape, etc and carefully place a layer on top of the now written sticker paper. Like this....

After that, trim the excess tapes away.. (don't stick it to the back of the sticker paper, u will need to remove the seal at the back later)

Anyway~ now you will have a layer of protective cover on top of the words.. to avoid the letters from smearing or spoiling.

Continuing on... STEP 4 !!

You can know cut the stickers according to the box that you have drawn (one by one.. to avoid them going all over the place) and stick them to your keyboard as per the layout.

After sticking them carefully.. you will get something like this ~! and away you go~ typing in korean letters if you want ~~

=).. you of course can also choose to use different colours, materials, or what ever that you can find.. but just an idea that came from my mind.. ^ ^ V

Have fun~!!