Tuesday, November 18

to push the part 2 of singapore trip even further..lol

Today in english class...for once, there weren't any article reading, essay writting thingy...lol
We played a game instead...a continue the next sentence to form a interesting story game...because there were 33 of us..it took some quite time to reach me..and i kinda like...wrote what others say...
This blog post is dedicated for that story...pls dont mind the grammar, i just wrote wat they write..nothing extra nor less..lol..

"On the eve of christmas, everyone is in the holiday mood. As everyone was waiting to celebrate the real day of xmas, waiting for the clock to hit 12 o'clock. People started to go to churchs and have carolling going on from house to house..Suddenly there was a knock on the door of my house, and a carolling party lead by a fake santa claus and sang a few songs. While enjoying the songs, my dog woke up and bite one of the carollers leg, as i was a responsible person i sent the victim to the hospital.
At the hospital i sent the patient to the doctor, suddenly my phone rang. Not wanting to diturb the patients i went through a door. After finish talking on the phone, i found out that the door was locked. As i tried to vigourously open the door, but to no avail..it didnt succeed. Then i tried calling the hotel management..but that failed too. In the end i chose to go up the stairs trying to find a way out. All the exit doors didnt work. In the end i went to the roof. I then realise I have no purpose going up to the roof, I decided to go down. In the end i got out and headed to my friends place.On the way i pass by a newstand and found out santa claus was dead. Then Nathan passed by. We decided to have a coffee at a cafe and saw a beautiful girl, and decided to flirt with her. While doing so the boyfriend come out, so i decided to ask him to gold fish shop. At the shop, I decided tto make peace with the guy then decided to meet back up with nathan, who was taking advantage of the girl. After that, I saw a road kill happening, and a black figure passes by, suddenly the whole town's light came off and the town turned from a christmas mood, cheerful and such to pitch black . As I was walking in the dark, I bumped into something that made me fall, as it turns out to be another person walking blindly in the dark, so we decided to help each other out. As we talked on further, I found out that its already pass xmas and there was a major blackout throughout the whole town due to an unknown collapsing flying ship. I was about to follow the CFS, as I was following, I gripped on to something, it was warm and smooth, actually oily. Suddenly the lights came back. I found out that I was gripping on to a chicken, In front of kenny rogers, a set meal was being sold there..Since the food looked delicious I went into the restaurant and went into the kitchen to interview the chef, before i could talk to chef, the chicken sprung up to live from the oven and said "save me and I will grant u a wish" So i replied..'i hope i could celebrate christmas with my family, but in the end the chicken didnt grant me the wish, and i fought the chicken in front of everyone. Then I was sent to the hospital for mentally disabled and was locked up in a cell and was experimented.
The experiment consists of checking on his fats and his brain and to their suprise, they found many toxicated stuffs in the brain, and also it was the size of a pea. Suddenly he went crazy going more more more..so they injected him with tranquilizer and he fell asleep.
Then he woke up, and found out it was all a dream. Then wai kheng asked Cassie if she had any plan during the weekend, and also to spend the weekend at the beach house, and cassie saw hot guys on the beach, and at night she brought guys to her room for dinner but she was anorexic.
Then suddenly the hot guy turned into a monster and ran towards to scratch her, and then she woke up again. It was a cold day, and it was 6.am., aniq's first time to ever wake up so early in his life. He saw that it was christmas eve, so he had to buy presents. When he checked his phone he recieved a message " Hey baby guess wat i am wearing today", he replied i am wearing a elfen miniskirt" .. He then bath and thrashes up to cassies house. In the middle of his travel, he had a burst of ideas. In order to impress cassie he decided to get thin. he went to the shopping mall, and there he saw cassie at the main entrance, as he walks up to the door, she asks who are you?
I am aniq ..No u r santa claus, where is my presents? I am your present..dont u want me.?
then cassies fren suddenly arrived and aniq started to chat with them...........................

then there was an ending but i forgot to write it down..was distracted for awhile..LOL
u can continue it if u like..
but the above is the idea or thinking of 30 over students when they were asks to do spontaneous essay....lol..it was ...and i think it will become a great memory some day later...^^

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