Monday, January 17


WOW~!!!! my blog has not gotten so many hits in a month b4... suddenly it reached 3k hits... @@ amazing... lol.. i don't know what to say... hmm.. especially the readers are worldwide.. which leaves me even more speechless...

THANK YOU ALL WHO READ MY BLOG... eventhough u have absolute no idea of what it is entirely about... truly grateful <3 hehe i will try to update more often if u are interested.... and if u are not.. u can always close the browser ;)
this is just a place for me to rant out my feelings...

(emotions are hard to hide..... =p)


=D --> new years past and its already 2011 ~!! Happy New Year everyone "throws confetti" ... i know i know.. i am a "little" late.. but its the thought that counts right? hahahaha.. In the year up ahead... i hope everyone have a marvelous year and will be able to achieve what ever they want ! "finger's crossed"

But but but, because its 2011.. its also the final semester of my Degreeeeeeeee....
meaning more assignments, dissertation, internship, reports, exams.... all this stressful things... sigh.. but luckily ~!! its also the year of a long looked-forward trip to........ *drumroll pls* ~~~~~~~

tadah ~!!! muahahahahahhaaha... 2 weeks residence trip from my course <3
(taking out the assignment that we have to do there and all.. skip skip the sad part)
its gonna be awesome ~!! (come to think of it.. i have been to france more than some other states in my country... hmmmmmmm ) .. hahaha.. oh well ~~
Can't wait to go there ~~~ weeeeeeeeee

ok.. my frantic post has come to an end.. as i am due for bed.... my poor droopy eyes... ;)