Saturday, November 28


Right....the last post was..countdown to go back...Malaysia...
this already back in Malaysia....for ..nearly 2 months....
No updates..hahahhahaa i just giv fb link??? hehehehe
being very lazy.....maybe i can dig out trip pictures

The trip...was fun for experience too...staying at youth hotels~ with hotties everywhere..LOL..and 6 person sharing one at the hotel..those are good memories..and those unforgettable paris metro maps..and long walks...hahaha..
This is my crazy room her love....^^

Eating...Pierre Hermes Macaroons!!!! delicieux...yet c'est cher..!!
My new...Pooh kid..hugging thingy..which is damn soft..and had to buy it
Arc de triomphe~~ more pictures in fb..and with shane...
Eiffel Tour~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ reminding me of the funny thing that happened under it...we went up the tower at nite..for a nite view.. which was freezing cold and everything..cause of the wind...and..when we came down..there is those ppl..selling eiffel tower keychains...5 of them..for 1 bought them..(after bargaining) and..well..they are illegal vendors..and the french police..chased them ...around the they eventually came end the transaction...~~

Thursday, September 3


Countdown~ exactly 22 more days left till i return to my home sweet home~...misses home so much..sigh~~~ wee wang wang..

Anyway..its already my 4th week in restaurant service ! 2 words~ fast and tiring..XD
Everyday when service starts..the clock practically just zooooms..^^ which will bring me back to malaysia know i know..i wished for this..but...i miss home to u know).. far..there was a dog show, a horse show, and a flea market in soreze..which is very happening..u wouldn't think of this much ppl in this small little town..especially on the day of the flea market...its heads everywhere..and those little stalls..all over the centre ville...way cool..hmm..i think i forgotten to take pictures..but has them..will take from her..if i remember...

For the Horse show..i got a few pictures..
They are huge!...taller then to touch one full black horse..pity i couldnt take picture..many ppl was sorta queing behind after they know the horse is approachable..(hint..they are quite scary..upfront..but super nice to cuddle..sigh

Also went to the lake yesterday~ that was quite fun.. Huge lake, beautiful gardens, fountains, waterfall~~ a true natural scenic journey..a long walk at that too..

Today was even better..we wanted to go to a nearby town called revel...its only a 10 minutes car ride..normally..well..we sorta missed our we decided to walk to took us an hour plus..ahahaa..and the road is very dangerous..theres no road paths for ppl to walk at (because we arent meant to walk there) therefore had to stop whenever theres a car passing by..and that happens was fun..but on the way..we decided to NOT walk back..and with the help of a super good and friendly Casino (a supermarket not the gambling types) staff...we were able to contact the hotel ppl and hitched a ride home..XD...thank gawd!

And the pictures below are not in order...hehe?

Lake..pretty no?

A fountain that is based on the water pressure of the canal

Yesterday at the lake..(2nd ice cream)

Last month at the dog show

Mini waterfall at the lake
First ice cream at the lake trip

Some time ago..a magnum in france that has vanilla pods

Staff eating area~

2 young horses sorta hugging each other

Normal horse, small poney, mediu, poney

A huge horse with pretty braids on HIS mane

Sunday, August 9


6 weeks past!...tomorrow start restaurant...XD....More french speaking~~ weeeeeeeeeee~

lets c...if i have any pictures....* searching my phone frantically*...

Found a couple~~ so here they are...

Burning Stone of Glory (aka capsicum on fire)

A really huge organ~ in a church in Revel

And lucky us..there was a dog show just right behind the hotel..on our off day..
spent the whole morning cuddling puppies and taking photo with dogs..
and went swimming after~~

The new erotic photographs~~ lol..saw it in a bookstore

Saturday, July 18

OMG...le petite pois!!

I dropped the whole " plateau de gastro" (i forgot the name in english..the tray thingy used in kitchen..the stainless steel wan).. filled with peas..XD...well kinda safed half off
I am so lazy to i shall just post a couple of la la la la.~~~

The streets down the road from the main gate of the hotel~~

Sunflower Field!!!..super huge fields all over the route from revel to toulouse...
Guess wat time it was when i took this picture??? yes its at night... ..its

This is the downstairs of our room...its a studio actually..the upstairs has 4 beds..i forgot to take time maybe...
Les Mcdonalds...went to toulouse during our break...(with tiffany).. ate mcd..6 euro for that nugget set..which was a wrong order..we ordered mcchicken but..but but...sigh...T_T
AND we found BATA in cute is that..with better shoes, bags, and all then malaysia..though it was on 70% was so cheap in toulouse..70% flying everywhere...

Thus this is the end of the blog post...weeee~~~~ ps: andy..u cant say i din post now..XD and i took pictures..(with my phone..too lazy to bring my camera..quality still ok though..XD)

Monday, July 6

Return of the missing...

right always.. i was gone from blogging for a long period of time..XD thank u for visiting anyway...and today i shall blog for the sake of term has past for higher diploma since the finals for dc term i am a bdh FRANCE...muahahahaha... super lucky to get there..and shall blog all bout it...^^..
but first...Term 4 BDH recap~~~
- Lots of assignments

- Longer daily classes
- Back to restaurant services
- Politics XD
- Rushness
- Learn new things
- Still no boyfriend...T_T

Ok thats bout it..3 months...

And now....the 3 months internship in france~~~~ flew on the London first for a day b4 connecting another flight to toulouse the next day..meaning..we had a day trip in london..

From KLIA...we fly to dubai, stayed there for 4 hours...then off to london..where we stayed for a whole day..i am too lazy to upload the pictures from dubai shall do it next time (if i remember).. then at London.. we left our luggage at the airpor
t and took a train to london city centre...where we went to, Oxford, picadilily, St James park , Buckhingham Palace, Big Ben , Trafalgar square and little

After that..took the train back to the airport.. and learned bloody careful with ur bags in the subway...from experience...XD...

Sort of slept in the airport to wait for the morning flight to toulouse.. a blink of an eye..we reached toulouse airport wher
e we were picked up and brought to our respective training places..6 of us are separated into pairs...and its been a week since we train d...time flies~~~~~~~
Shall end it saturday if got more pictures shall blog a bientot.

Big Ben

l Tributes to Micheal Jackson in Oxford

First Meal in London...Lasagna
The Victoria Station...super big
And...Hotel Abbaye Ecole de Soreze...XD

Sunday, March 22

Finals is la la la la la

at last....can be abit over...(for 32 of us)....good luck the rest of u guys...^^...
And thx to Huddy's excellent memory....I post
pictures pictures...O.o...
(There were no starter pictures..and no dessert pictures..because somebody ate them...therefore i shall use 2 other pictures to substitute)..^^

For the Starter....which was supposed to be Salade de Calamar with Ginger Vinaigrette and Local Chilli Blend...the substitute is....

For the main course....Stuffed mushroom chicken breast with Lemon herb sauce and Garlic Mash...

And this is the dessert....Choux pastry with Pastry cream and chocolate sauce....LOL...

Ps...pls dont kill me...muahahaha...

i brought back my sticker tag thingy home..and gave it to my dog.....and guess wat happened?

He bloody ate it...after he found out the sticker was there.....sigh....

Sunday, March 15

what is 2 years?

2 years ago, this is around the time , I got my SPM results....2 years later..I am graduating my diploma...It seems like yesterday that i just took my result and still wondering what to do...
Now everything is set...and finals is around...(with no help of me studying that is)....And i think, in 2 years time..I will blog again on how I will be graduating my degree...
Man....time flies like nobody's business....
To reminisce this past 2 years...I am gonna post a set of group photos according to term.(backwards...cause too lazy to reorganize the photos...hehe.^^)

Term 6...up kitchen, down restaurant..(food promo)

Still Kitchen....haha

I am not sure if this is term 4 or 5...=p

Term 3 i think.....

Term 1 or 2.....i think its 2...

TERM 1......all the way down....^^

I think i am missing a few pictures..or maybe not...anyone can help me complete this set?? ^^...=p

Tuesday, March 10

Nothing better to do...

Currently I am absorbed into a new book..called...
"Pride and Prejudice".....Jane Austen classic version...and and and..tell u wat...
eventhough I am absorbed...I can confess that i don't know half of what i had read...
O.o.....but the story is still very very interesting...I don't know how also...
Anyone is good at classic literature??......haha...

I just realized my vocab is nothing..hahahaha...damn british english...