Friday, December 7

Someone make up my mind for me...

(I still haven't have pictures for the last service so..this post first)

My mind is really jumbled up now...Everything really have their own pro's and con's..
I really dunno wat to do already..with the industrial training coming and all...
and being cheerful everyday is not something easy to do...
I couldn't make any more decisions...or keep on to a decision i make any longer..
Even when typing this post..i had to backspace so many times...when i normally don't need to..
For those that has been following with my blog posts..You might guess whats wrong with me..
And, yes its bout him...and, college most of all..and I don't know why that some people are more "kan cheong" then me about things that concern only me..sigh...(and when i say things that concern only me...means my own private things)
Anyway...i should leave this gloomy stage soon..or spare myself falling into depression..
Shoo Shoo..emo-ness

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