Thursday, December 13

It feels like exam is over...

It amazed me that another year has gone by so quickly...term 3 is almost exactly 1 more day...tomorrows last assessment...English..=p
That lucky me is not worrisome..^^ And after will be term break till 2nd..but 3rd Jan for me..^^...which marks the start of my first industrial training...(one year cant see him.T_T)
Today was the final examination for the Dc23 the whole Dc27 was their commis..glad to be was great we know what will we be doing when its our turn..
We were asked to sign in at 7.30 am...but..don't know wat happened..we only went into the kitchen at around 8.30 am...that was a let down though..
Then when we did get into the kitchen..we were asked to lined up in a row...then 16 were chosen to be the candidates commis..and the other 11 was "runners".
I was a runner at first...then one of the commis got i also got a try being the commis..=p
All i could recall was..alot alot alot of...julienne-ing..and potato n carrot turning..thank god that my potato and carrot actually looked like a cocotte....(believe me..i wasn't good at turning at all)
My julienne was ok i guess...still could be improved..haha 1.30pm our commis ended..another day gone by just like that ...sigh..
Days are so short now a days..arghh..=(
Jai Jian...^^V

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