Monday, December 3

I wonder...?

I sometimes wonder..wouldn't it be great if I was more brave..more confident...etc
but, when its the time for me to prove it...i retreat immediately..somehow or other..with excuses i make up myself...which also includes unreasonable reasons...
Won't it be better if i could just face my feelings act like it? I sometimes feel like a hypocrite..
also a type of person that i dun like..but still i couldn't change the fact that i sometimes weren't
I am feeling super emo when i wrote this anyway..
With a deep emotion beneath trying to get out..after such a long time..
I still am in doubt whether or not to let it out..but yet again i might fail badly,
Should i try i ask myself...with encouraging and also discouraging words all around..
I just couldn't make up my mind just yet...but times running out..(help)...yet i have to solve it myself.
I know this sounds lame, but i figured this is the only i could express my feelings..without really expressing it...
Day by strings are being pulled, it gets tighter & tighter each second...
Good Night...

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