Sunday, December 2

Late-ness in update

So sorry for the late update....anyway this post is for friday's barbeque..^^
Anyway...I have no pictures yet too..its all with if u wan to see them..u can go to his blog..
The day started with going to college at 8 am..Had maths class, then kitchen practical...had to do a presentation..etc.etc..anyway after class we went to May'2 house and he had to pack his things..his house (first time)..was so
After that off we go to Vincent's house (which include..Me,Maynard,Alvin,Samantha,Leon,Jimmy & of course Vincent)..which was in Seputih...we got to his house..and started the mise-en place...chop chop chop...slice slice slice....
Then we had nothing to do so all sat down at the kitchen table and drank german wine courtesy from Alvin..=p
Later we set the barbeque thingy (fireplace)..wateva it is called...And they had to steal some bricks lol..(shhh) because there weren't enough..
BBQ started..only the few of us plus Jon,& Aniq..started eating and playing around at the BBQ
The others came later around 8-9 i think ..and the "party" continued..till around 12 something or 1...but i left early with Aniq and Jon...(damn curfew & no transport)
Anyway..we did alot of things...May'2 did potato salad..which is quite nice actually..i am not too sure if it was finished though..there was alot..
And there was also pasta, & chocolate cakes...^^
For More Information..pls refer to ANDY'S Blog..=P
(whose blog link can be found at the right hand column)

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