Thursday, November 22

Yesterday's service

Yesterday night was our asian buffet dinner service for kitchen practical..and like all buffets different type of food is made by different groups. Group 2 did the beef,long-beans, fruit rojak, and the white rice. I in particular did the rojak sauce..that took me the quite some time to
Its not easy as you think..
Anyway, after the service our comments on our food and replenishing was everyone is happy and all.. class earlier today, me and May'2 somehow created a codename for everyone..(how we did cannot be stated)...but it was was like everyone had a chance to express their anger and forget about it later..good for releasing stress (^^V)
Ah...we have a codename for the "him" in this blog also..which makes conversation much easier, especially infront of others..=p
Somehow or other my post today is abit cacat..i can feel it forgive me..
Anyway, about him...i think my chance is getting slim..slimmer as we speak..sighhhhhh...

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