Tuesday, November 20

Final Stage of blog renovation?

I think theres nothing much to add in to the blog anymore, unless i wan to add medias..but too lazy la..and i don't want others to come because of the media's too...
Anyway..today was a very very unlucky day...
~first i found out that i lost my chef hat this morning..,had to run around looking for it and just my luck when normally the lost and found would have many spares...but today there were none..instead it was full of useless junks to me..T_T
~second...i forgot to bring my fiche technique..(recipe)..and since class was early in the morning, there wasn't enough time to photocopy another set...fine..had to share in class
~third..i forgot to bring my towel..to dry and clean stuffs...my gawd..but lucky Mischa borrowed me one..still can do something la..(i now know how hard it is in the kitchen without a towel..T_T)
~fourth..i had to buy another chef hat which cost Rm 15, and could only get it at 9 am..when my class starts at 8.15..had to avoid Chef B*** while i was in the kitchen..omg..
And during the class i at last recieved the call from the career center telling me to go to an interview for my industrial training...so at least some news..
Oh...and May-may..I where got slow...got no news how to update wor...=p
But yeah..'memang' wont have news d wan la...don't need to bother much..just lend me an ear to grumble from time to time yeah?

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