Sunday, November 11

help..i still do not know how to customize this blog..therefore it looks really dull...T__T
not that i dont have time...just toooo lets leave it be..not that any comes to read my
this blog is just an outlet for my vending...=p birthday is coming at last..but lol..i already gotten most of my presents to look forward much to..(no suprises)..sigh..
Oh..and i have to serve others on my birthday..not that i am complaining..just lucky..i bet i can stay out late that night...(serving others)...and i think around 5-6 of us are having birthdays on wednesdays this year somehow..since term 3 miracles happen sometimes..
Assignments are getting broader each day too...first it was architectual, then now its didnt know that diploma in culinary arts could be so broad in this knowledge..most would think all we are doing is cook cook cook and more cooking...but we are serving long till the next time i MIGHT post..^^

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