Saturday, November 17

Day 2

Today was the first Saturday that i had to go to college for class since term 1...(term 3 now)
We had moral class today...with Mr Adrian lecturing and telling us stories like normal...
Unfortunately, a certain someone did not turn up today as i have expected..but still todays class was enjoyable..
Also..clever May-May seems to have figured out something that i wanted to keep quiet about...(shouldn't have told u my blog link-->May2)..and now he is blackmailiing me...hmm..but still..IF i do get my car..i dun mind giving u rides..occasionally...and i repeat...occasionally..
Do not get ur hopes high ok??..hehe..=p
Oh yes..."Alvin, don't wack my head with a pen anymore laaaaaa"...=P...
And and...because i didn't go and watch the 'Balls of Fury' movie with you guys,(May2,JungleB,and Leon,Jimmy)...i got myself a new yeah..gladly my mom was in a cheery mood today..^^
Still couldnt get the short pants i wanted..sigh..

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Sherryna said...

whee~ ur blog!