Friday, November 16

Day 1 of renovation

Still trying to get a hang of things on how to customize this confusing...and not sure how i wan to write hang on..
As usual, i will blab about my life here..because i treat it like a diary..which nobody use to read..but with May-May adding me into his bloggers community..sooner or later it will be read..
But..i couldn't deny that this wasn't what i wished...=p
Today i didn't get to meet HIM...but still..high hopes for tomorrow..
and with the ad assignment I sure will be hectic tomorrow...speaking of it..i still haven't type out the scenes with
End term assessment is drawing nearer as i "type"...and still i have no mood to study..i am so doomed...especially for Moral and Cost Accounting...the 2 subjects i don't particularly adore ..T_T
Hadn't had a good mark for the first assessment = striving to get better marks for the coming assessment..
Oh...almost forgot mentioning the most important last i am 17 and eligible to take the amali(6 hours of torture)...its not fair that u have to be like over 17 to take it...a few weeks wont change a persons mindset to be more mature or Sunday is the day i am going to take the Amali..not long my license...^^

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pervertism101 said...

U r so gonna drive me when you get ur license. XDDD