Thursday, May 20

Once upon a time (chap 2)

Right right, the continuation story of Person1.. (more of a flashback in this chapter)...
When we make many friends, and everyone are mostly linked to each other, alliances will be triggered and these group of people will think of starting a new "family/group" so that they could always know whats going on, easier to chat, could stalk them..and etc.. (note : "family/group" is refering to "Club" in a certain on9 game =D )
So everything was jiffy, fun, & happy.They shared laughter, talked about their problems, comforting them when needed, helping them go through little problems & solving other problems if possible... but as the group gets bigger, the problems gets more and bigger too. It however doesn't work with more people more problem-solver. Futhermore, when no one takes charge of solving the problem, it get even bigger, which is really an annoyance. The even bigger annoyance and irrates the most is when people who created this problem does not want to take responsibility.. and tends to make matters worst.Expecting other people to solve it for them. (How convenient.)
Once, twice, could be provided, since friendship is there and everything. After a couple more times, even in virtual where we can fake whoever we are will get tired eventually and fed up.. (People who normally indulge in games, are those who wants to get rid of their hectic life/or just plain gamers) Person1 in this case is a person who wants to forget of their hectic life and indulge in the game. However, when Person1 enters the game, and sees more problems to be solved, Person1 gets tired and annoyed, however wanted to help in order to retain back the peace that was once obtained.
to be continued~~

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