Saturday, October 16

XD~ Special tribute to my girls ~~

Ignoring the fact that I seldom post……… this post is to thank my babes for everything they have done for me, eventhough we met through an on9 game.. but still the friendship we bonded are much more..that could be expected… way way more.. therefore.. I have decided to dig up the past letters or items that I have received from them…(all the way from Singapore) as a special thanks to them 3 So so so , lets have a little introduction ~~~~~~~~~~ sorry for forgetting the exact dates, but it vaguely started a year ago ~ .. I joined an on9 game that I will never regret to have joined,( ignoring the sad parts and only remembering the happy ones).. We chat till the latest of nights…. play together, enjoying every moment.. (leaving out the unhappy ones again..) Hahaha.. anyway ~ this post gonna be filled up with pictures .. hehe.. special care packages or letters I have received

Arranged according to the timeline… we start from the very first letter (around October 2009)

Darn sweet !!!!! With I love you post card.. hehe.. theres more behind it … =p

And around Nov.. close to my birthday ~ I received another surprise =D

Heart nearly melted with all the sweet words ~ hehehe =)

There was x’mas ~ XD weeeeeee ~ I received a handmade snowman!!! Hahahah (hidden beneath the card)

Owwwwhh.. then in dec.. I finally get to meet them ~ and the best thing was.. it wasn’t awkward at all.. just like friends.. we have known for a long time… (the post of the chalet.. is somewhere in my and.. beloved made me something .. =)

Behind it, theres a sweet and long message.. very very cute hor.. haha.. wonder how much time she used to make it.. XD

Hmm…. Then… half a year past by just like that… hahahaha.. it was JUNE !!!!!! THE BEST HOLIDAY/GETAWAY OF THE YEAR !!!! (carefully planned for the longest time~) Spent gorgeous time together.. laughing..screaming.. (=p)… hahaha.. oowh wat fun ~ .. and even at the trip.. they left me something sweet..>

Undersigned by 4 pretty and sweet girls !!!!!!!!!! hahaha.. I am abit high.. sorry …

Ooowh… wait.. theres more!! XD In July .. another cutie popped into my postbox =)
and it said.. meow XD …hohoho..

Super cute.. still with the paws over there.. =)

Now.. its October….. and it was a suprising month indeed, having received 2 awesome gifts.. suddenly..hahaha XD … one expected..and another unexpected =D

Muahahaa.. aren’t you jealous … =p ~ well don’t be ^^ … and these are mine.. so hands offfffff!!!!!hehehe The top.. was the unexpected gift.. that arrived on Thursday.. and the bottom.. was received on today ! itself… thanks to the hardworking Mr Postman XD … hahaha ~

Being in Mid Oct.. it just brings Dec even closer ~ where I once again.. will meet them

weeeeeee ~ I shall end this post here.. with a big huge KISS to my prettiest Shirley and ShiZhen

Love you both very much…

psss: and sorry for being totally random.. hahahaha ..

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