Friday, May 7

7th MAY !!!!!!!!!

Ok... I know... I dont blog often at all =D ... don't blame me ok ? Just have been busy !
I graduated my higher diploma !!! Got my congratz <3333333 (fyi. highest honors ok !) =p
Was studying like hell during feb and march =( ... to obtain that least it paid off ..woopee... i am writing this post..because.. I need to distract myself from nodding off at my work place...
Yes! I am currently working...(part time though) while waiting for my final year degree intake ...
So so so so .... working from 9-6 everyday... earning money ~ saving them.... indulging in them later XD..

Well enough blabbing about life story.. and this post has absolutely no pictures.. because.. i dont have any to upload.. well.. maybe the next post i will.. blog about the Penang Trip.. if if if I am super bored..and ended up blogging..LOL...

No idea why keeping the blog alive.. since my visits are so little =)

Oh well.. cant wait for June to come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My wifey and beloved will be visiting me along with Taki and Zhi Yu <33333

woots ! girls outing... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ps..sorry if the post is totally random.. .. but like my blog title.. i only blog when i am bored..gyahahahaha..
and today..when I am sleepy..and high.. =D

Tata.. till next post...

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