Tuesday, May 18

Once upon a time...(chap 1)

Long long time ago..(well 1 year.. since in game its considered long..shh)... Person1 saw an advertisment on TV.. woah.. a new game..lets try it out said Person1.. so Person1 got the CD, tried the new game, met new on9 friends,( some friends now closer than real...weird..i know..but..c'est la vie)..had a great time...
Though great time doesn't last... eventhough there were many great times past together..problems still did occur...well, as friends we should always forgive and forget. However, things are not always what it seems.
Person1 always wonder, why get myself worked up for little matters? Especially when its in a virtual world. Perhaps Person1 still treasures the friendship, no one could be sure. Not even Person1 themselves. Then time passes by, creeping away slowly... happy times, bad times... something we could all learn from..

BUT! feelings can change, a person can feel irritated, annoyed AND not obliged to forgive and forget everytime. Yes, in life we have to think about other people's feelings, but sometimes..enough is enough,
when enough respect is given, we could only demand the equal treatment. No one is above anyone especially in the virtual world, Person1 thought.

To be continued ~

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