Saturday, July 18

OMG...le petite pois!!

I dropped the whole " plateau de gastro" (i forgot the name in english..the tray thingy used in kitchen..the stainless steel wan).. filled with peas..XD...well kinda safed half off
I am so lazy to i shall just post a couple of la la la la.~~~

The streets down the road from the main gate of the hotel~~

Sunflower Field!!!..super huge fields all over the route from revel to toulouse...
Guess wat time it was when i took this picture??? yes its at night... ..its

This is the downstairs of our room...its a studio actually..the upstairs has 4 beds..i forgot to take time maybe...
Les Mcdonalds...went to toulouse during our break...(with tiffany).. ate mcd..6 euro for that nugget set..which was a wrong order..we ordered mcchicken but..but but...sigh...T_T
AND we found BATA in cute is that..with better shoes, bags, and all then malaysia..though it was on 70% was so cheap in toulouse..70% flying everywhere...

Thus this is the end of the blog post...weeee~~~~ ps: andy..u cant say i din post now..XD and i took pictures..(with my phone..too lazy to bring my camera..quality still ok though..XD)

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