Sunday, July 22

No longer a travelogue...(traveling days are over..T_T)

College life begun...a few months ago...and fyi..Diploma in Culinary Arts is cool..and fun..
Now its the second how long i didnt post..)
Hmm...i guess live is fun at college..eventhough the stressy parts..are adding up..with all the assignments, homework, assessments, etc....sigh..still i shall emphasies life is way better then secondary school..muahahaha

At last now taking undang and by my birthday i can start having driving license..but for now attending really long and boring classes by really boring instructors is my task..
Today went for the dunno wat KPP.. slept 3 times..and thats rare for me...and i think he didnt the even notice..the instructor that

Neway..shall try and update

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